Duce Construction Company installs and repairs concrete for almost any application from footings to finished floors to walls to bridge abutments. Duce Construction has a wide range of forms to place concrete to your specifications.








Duce Construction can form, place, and finish concrete for any type of pad, slab, parking lot, drive, loading dock, etc.


Duce Construction can also customize joint patterns to your specifications if needed.

Shown here is a front porch for a U of I fraternity.

Duce Construction is set up for large and small pours of all sorts. Here seen utilizing a laser screed for a large indoor finished floor.


Duce Construction is also able to do indoor and outdoor concrete pours. Here seen placing concrete on a large indoor finished floor pour.


Shown here is concrete that was placed for a cast-in-place dugout with cast-in-place concrete grandstand at the U of I Big Ten softball facility, "Eichelberger Field"


Shown here is a large concrete pour for High Park Storage at R. R. Donnelly, Mattoon.


Shown here is concrete being poured for a large box culvert bottom.


Shown here is concrete being poured for the bottom, walls, and top of a small box culvert.



Shown here is Duce Construction repairing concrete on an elevated deck.


Shown here is Duce Construction pouring in Monticello.

DCC placing concrete at Micro Electronics.

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